Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why an audition filled week is auditionless

Two entries in a day...I must be feeling guilty. Truth be told I haven't gone to any auditions other than the Elf audition this week. Not that there haven't been any, I just have chosen not to go and I will tell you why. I am not the "type" they are looking whats the harm in going anyways? Nothing except maybe that casting directors will be annoyed that you didn't read the description of the show, but I don't that happens much. Lets review the week.

Elf the musical: Although I didnt' get seen, my vocal teacher aptly pointed out..Would I really want to be in that musical? Of course, I wouldn't I think its ridiculous, but you have to start somewhere and considering I worked at Citigroup for two years I think I can do anything I hate for at least a year and not die.

Billy Elliot: Yes this audition was on Wed...lets review the plot: coal miners town? check...students to play ballet school attendees with Billy? check..... tall, leggy, black girls....anyone, anyone? Nope... I really didn't see a spot in there for me. No biggie, but I'm not a fan of going and waiting around hours to be typed out.

Rock of Ages: Wednesday afternoon. They specifically wanted to hear an eighties power ballad, and I did not have an eighties rock song to sing. But more importantly...they didn't see any non-equity at this audition either, so my instinct paid off.

In the Heights: Now this show, I am definitely the type for! But there was one drawback that I just couldn't get around as much as I tried to rationalize going in and faking it. The chorus call wanted dancers proficient in Hip-Hop and Latin styles....and unfortunately thats not me. I might have taken 3 hip hop classes in my whole life and no Latin style classes. So after much youtube perusing and seeing that really all the dancing is hip-hop based or Latin, I decided not to go. Ideally, I'll get it together and start going to some hip hop classes so that next time I'll be ready!

So, no auditions this week, and next week looks pretty dead too, but we'll see.

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