Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Final Callbacks for Anything Goes

I went in to the final callback of Anything Goes, my 4th audition of that week, a complete mix of emotions.  On one hand I had a great audition for them the week before.  On the other hand, I had blown my Chaplin singing callback the previous day, which had completely shaken my singing confidence.  At the final callback there were twenty-three girls left, only 4 of them tall, and I was the only one of color.  Couldn't get much better odds since there are only 2 tall dancer girl tracks in the show.

We were all led into the room and led through a review of the two combinations we had learned previously.  Plus, we learned a short graboff tap break that we would need to do one at a time for Kathleen and the rest of the creatives.  We had to wait a bit after the review for the creative team to get here, but once they arrived we started right away.  I was in the first group to dance because I had another audition to get to.

I danced the first combination which went well and eventually also danced the 2nd tap combination.  I nailed all the sounds on my graboff break and once all the girls danced it was time to sing.  Because I had to leave so quickly I was the first girl to sing too!  No time to get myself together, but on the other hand no time to start getting in my head either.  I sang my song, "Oh Diogenes", for them and Kathleen Marshall told me it was an "awesome audition song".  Thats some good feedback!  I was expecting to have to sing my second soprano song, but Kathleen looked over at the music director who shook his head no and she said that was all they needed to see.  I was a little thrown off by this, but he had been in the room the week before so maybe he didn't need to hear me sing it again?  There wasn't much time to dwell on it anyways, because I was running off to audition for Into The Woods!

After waiting almost two weeks, I just found out today that I booked it!


  1. Yay! So proud of you. I absolutely love reading your post. I almost feel like I could go audition. LOL yeah right! Oh BTW it's your big cousin Toni.

  2. Congrats Dionna... That's really exciting. I also really enjoy your blog. I'm still hoping you get The Producers in Atlanta so I can see you!


  3. Congratulations!!! I have been reading and enjoying your blogs for a few months. Crazy thing is that my son auditioned for this show and was booked too! His name is Mike, so I'm sure you'll be meeting him soon. I understand the rehearsals start toward the end of Aug. I hope you have a blast!

  4. Your Blog is amazing. SO descriptive,and informative. Thank you for sharing your experiences. For someone just starting out in NYC trying to figure out life as a non equity actor, I am living vicariously through your exciting life. Best of luck to you and all your endeavors.