Saturday, August 3, 2013

Broadway 4D

There is always something so nerve-racking about your first audition back after a long hiatus.  The waiting, learning new choreography, the judgement.  It's such a hard adjustment after finally getting to relax and enjoy your role in telling the same story eight times a week.

So I found myself back in "the room" auditioning for something slightly unusual, a movie.  Broadway 4D as it is being called, will be a "4D" movie played in Time's Square that showcases many of the most iconic musical numbers of the genre.  I had been called in for the Rob Ashford choreographed section "Lullaby of Broadway."  The choreography was an adorably stylized showgirl number.  It blended the traditional Golden Age style of dance with a modern use of  musicality, resulting in a smooth-flowing combination that was punctuated throughout by sharp and often pushed movements.  And of course included a whacked side tilt, a kick to the face, and a double attitude turn.  (I've been noticing an attitude turn trend lately.  Whats up with that? They're no fun.)

The combination was lots of fun overall and despite the sweaty heat-stroke inducing July audition room I managed to remember all of it and perform, a victory in and of itself for my fist audition back.  After everyone danced, six of us were asked to dance again and we were obviously the tall ladies in the room!  They then made a cut, keeping a group of shorter girls to partner and asking us tallies to return in a couple of hours.  When we returned we were slated and filmed doing the combination for the choreographer who was in London and that was it.

Its good to be back.

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